Ideas to know Pressure Points for Headaches

Pressure on body locations may relieve headaches. Pressure point therapy is often used with other headache treatments since sensitivities vary. These tips can locate headache pressure points:

1. Temporal Region

On both temples of the head. Apply mild circular pressure with fingertips or thumbs. Massage clockwise for a few minutes.

2. Third View

Between the eyebrows, where the nose bridge meets the forehead. Try forceful but mild index and middle finger pressure. Release pressure after 5-10 seconds.

3. Base of Skull

At the skull base, where neck muscles attach. Press firmly with your thumbs or knuckles in a circular or up-and-down motion. Give a few minutes of steady massage.

4. Hand Pressure Points

The Hegu or LI4 point—the webbed area between the thumb and index finger—may relieve headaches. Pinch with your opposing thumb and index finger. Apply pressure for 30–60 seconds and switch hands.

5. Shoulder/Neck points

Focus on tension-prone areas including the shoulders, sides, and back of the neck. Gently massage the muscles with your hands, knuckles, or a massage tool. Slow, deep breathing helps relax these areas while massaging.

6. Ear Massage

Use your fingertips to massage the outer ear and earlobes. Pay attention to sensitive spots. Try circular massage and varying pressure levels to achieve the best result.

7. Forehead Massage

Massage the forehead in tiny circles with your fingertips. Concentrate on tension or discomfort. Relax with moderate pressure and steady, rhythmic motions.

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